Men Who Aren’t Our Husbands

Men who believe in God

Just while searching for images to head up this post, I had the hardest time finding images of men and women that didn’t have sexual or romantic overtones! I believe it’s a lie that men and women can’t work and grow together without developing romantic feelings.  I really do.  I have more faith in us…

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Understanding Men

Men are strong

I want to get an important idea out into this post right off the bat:  as spiritual beings, men and women are equal in value before God.  This truth doesn’t mean that they are interchangeable, or that their roles are or should be the same.  But respecting the other kind is a spiritual decision, and…

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Leather and Lace

“We cannot love Adam while we are looking to him to validate us.  It will usher in too much fear.  If he’s the verdict on us as a woman, we won’t be able to truly and freely offer him our beauty.” John and Staci Eldridge, Captivating Welcome to the year 2016 my beautiful sisters!  We…

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