Heart of a Woman Retreat

Reconnect with God's love.

Renew your vision of who you truly are.

Refresh your soul as you unplug from the world for three days.

What is Heart of a Woman Retreat?


Why Attend Heart of a Woman Retreat?

We all know what it takes to have a closer relationship with God, but with all of the demands placed upon us it is hard, sometimes even impossible to fit in “time for God”. So often, women are:

Exhausted    Numb    Overwhelmed

We totally get it and are right there with you! Heart of a Woman was designed just for you to spend time with God that you wish you could have every day. It is also a dedicated time you give to God so that He has time to speak to your heart and to reveal to you His deepest desires for you individually.

At retreat, you'll learn how access tools to help God have greater access to your heart and power in your lives. Connecting with other beautiful women is an added bonus.

What is the Weekend Like?

Each day consists of:



Three to four spiritually-based sessions inspired by Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge.



45-60 minutes following each presentation for: journaling, reflection, and prayer.

Hiking HOAW1

Free Time

Adventure each afternoon. Enjoy archery, shotgun shooting, yoga, crafts, giant swing, relaxation, and more.



Enjoy the strength of women gathered together to learn of Christ. Some of the deepest friendships have been kindled at retreat.

What Will You Learn?

heart in hand


Deep within the heart a woman is the yearning to be loved, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, and to unveil her beauty.

Come learn how to have these needs validated by God.

Pray to God


A fundamental need as women is to feel loved. This yearning fuels just about everything we do.

Learn how to receive love from God - the source of love.

did God abandon me


The world's shallow definition of beauty is fueled by Satan's lies.

Learn how to identify those lies, replace them with God’s truths, and feel uniquely beautiful every day.

Know your role_feature


We long to feel needed, valuable, irreplaceable.  We long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Learn how to turn to God to understand the role He has for you that only YOU can fulfill!

the wound_half_size


You were born into a world at war, a spiritual war. Your heart will get wounded.

Learn to identify your wounds, to see the beautiful purpose in them, and to accept the healing Christ offers.



“You cannot defeat your enemies until you know who they are.” Anthony Horowitz

Satan attacks women in a unique way.  Come learn how to partner with Christ to find the strength and power to overcome the enemy.

Where Is Retreat Held?

Big Canyon Ranch

Wanship, UT

Big Canyon Ranch is a non-denominational camping organization located near Park City, Utah. The entire camp experience is designed to connect with people in a natural environment and help them focus on what is really important in life, without the distractions of our hectic culture. With 1,300 acres of beautiful mountains, canyons, and meadows this is easy to do.


Aspen Lodge has bunk beds as well as a lounge with a wood burning fireplace. The lounge also contains a kitchenette with an under counter refrigerator, microwave and sink. There are a total of four bathrooms in the lodge, one serving 2 bedrooms each, and they are finished with solid surface counters and slate tile floors and showers. There are at least 2 showers and toilets per bathroom. 


The yurts are very comfortable, year-round structures complete with showers, sinks, toilets, cozy beds, and thermostatically controlled heat.  

What Others Are Saying

"At Heart of a Woman retreat, I learned that a close connection with God has nothing to do with checklists and everything to do with giving God my heart.  The rest falls into place when I love Him first."

"I now love myself like God loves me! I can forgive myself because He already has.  I know that God wants me to be healthy and happy!"


"I was so angry at God, my life has been really hard.  I don't feel that way anymore.  I don't often understand Him or His plan, but I am at peace with Him now."


"At Heart of a Woman Retreat, I learned tools to not only help me survive this life, but to thrive in it!"

"My favorite part of retreat was all of the time I had to reflect in a beautiful surrounding.  I have heard God's voice before, but having quiet time allowed me to hear it clearer than ever."

Meet the Presenters


Celeste M. Jensen

Celeste Jensen has spent her entire adult life ministering to women of all ages. She is passionate about helping each woman identify themselves as a daughter of a king and letting that knowledge transform them. Celeste is a certified Life Coach. She has spoken to groups and taught group discussions on developing a closer relationship with God regularly since 2006. She is excited to be working with the Heart of a Woman team to help women uncover who they truly are and turn their hearts towards Him who made them.
Melanie (1)

Melanie Meszaros

Melanie is a wife, mother, grandmother, certified professional coach, business manager, and avid music lover. With a master’s in education, Melanie has spent her adult life providing women and couples with opportunities to learn and develop skills to improve their lives, their relationships, and their families. As co-founder of Heart of a Woman, Melanie is passionate about helping women develop a profound connection with God, restore their feminine heart, and rediscover who God created them to be.
2 Kristy (1)

Kristy Willhite

At the age of 19, the Lord reached out His hand to rescue Kristy from a life without Him, and she took it.  She has been walking the path of life with Jesus ever since.  In 2013, she attended Heart of a Woman for the first time and was humbled and astonished at this second, deeper way that God asked for her heart.  She has worked on the team for Heart of a Woman since then.  Seeking (and finding) God and helping others do the same has been the passion of her life.   “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

Lindsay Stroud

Since 2008 Lindsay has been on a journey of healing from betrayal trauma. She first attended The Heart Of A Woman Retreat in 2015 and found there a vital piece that began whole hearted healing. She is passionate about teaching others how to recognize the source of the negative messages they are bombarded with, and replacing them with the beautiful truths from our loving God. She has had the privilege of teaching and ministering to women and young women most of her adult life and loves helping and connecting with other women along their healing journey. She also loves God, her family, music, summer, thunderstorms, sunsets, the night sky, rock hounding and the ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the cost?

Everything! Your food, lodging, daily activities, and instruction are included in the price.  Let us take care of everything for you for three days!

How is this experience different from other women’s events I might choose to attend?

Perhaps the biggest difference is that you are able to truly unplug from the cares and distractions of your everyday life and give yourself time and space where you can focus on your personal relationship with God. After each presentation, you are given time for reflection, journaling, and prayer. Being in the beauty of the mountains amongst God’s creations naturally helps us feel closer to Him. Each woman's experience is personal and created for her by her loving Father.

How will this experience be unique for me?

Because you are unique and such an individual creation of our God, your relationship with Him is also very unique and personal. When you come to retreat with the desire to place your heart in His hands for the weekend, He creates an experience totally for you that will be a reflection of His love and personal desires for you as His beloved daughter

Is this group therapy?

No! There is no therapy, no self-disclosure, no advise giving, no sensitivity groups. In order to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for all, we ask each woman to take her story, her deepest longings, and her most heartfelt cares to God alone. We find there is more power in your sharing your heart with God, than in sharing with the other women at retreat. This is your time for you to rediscover truths you already know and to recharge, renew, restore, and refresh your own heart.

Why do I feel so many reservations about attending this retreat?

Great question! Whether you realize it or not, women like you since the time of Eve have experienced opposition from the eternal adversary-- Satan. A common tactic is to whisper lies and evoke emotions within you using twisted half truths that seem so real. Common signs are:

Feeling it is too selfish to care for yourself in this way
Feeling one or more types of fear
Using family and friends to make you feel inadequate or convince you that you are attending this for reasons other than what you know in your heart.

Making you feel inadequate in God's eyes or that you will be judged inadequate by others at the retreat.
Feeling that you don't need a retreat to strengthen your relationship with God. That it is just fine where it is at, even though you often feel like you want more in your life.

Why should I invest this amount of money and sacrifice this amount of time to come?

As women we have a really hard time investing in self care of any type. However, we have no trouble investing in the care of those we love. The result is that we are often trying to care for others when we are personally just making it from one day to the next. We also inadvertently show others around us that we are not worth being cared for. As we care for ourselves, we are then empowered to reach out and enrich our relationships with those around us.

Will anything at this retreat conflict with my personal spiritual beliefs and practices?

Absolutely not. Heart of a Woman focuses on reaffirming beliefs that are common to all women of faith. We come together and continue to grow in our own personal relationship with God, increase our dedication to Him, and feel more in tune with Him

What should I expect in coming?

Come with a heart open to receive God's love. Come knowing that your experience will be totally different than any other woman’s there because you have a unique purpose that only you can fill and God wants to reaffirm that to you at this retreat. Come open to receive insight and tools that will help you deepen your relationship with God. Come prepared to relish the beauties of nature and spend quiet time reconnecting to your own heart and to God’s heart. Come ready to have fun, adventure and make new friends. Each woman's experience, whether she's coming for the first time or the fifth time, is completely individual.

Have Additional Questions?

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